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Do Vinyl Fence Posts Need Concrete in Southern MD?


Massey Fence feels that vinyl fence posts are  the most important part of a fence. Fence posts must be strong and secure for a fence to withstand the elements over time.  Massey Fence recommends using concrete to install fence posts for a number of reasons.


Installing a vinyl fence in Southern MD requires uniformity.   Since the ground around a fence changes over time you need a foundation point for the whole fence.  Concrete establishes this foundation and uniformity by creating a firm base.

Leaning or Sagging Fences

Full-panel privacy fences have a larger chance of leaning or sagging, so post installation with concrete is especially important.  Since they are solid the wind exerts more pressure on them.  Since the more surface area your fence has, the stronger your posts need to be and concrete accomplishes this.

Some build a fence without concrete so its easier to remove post if you change your mind about a fence.   Massey’s goal for everyone is to build a fence that will last a lifetime so we recommend using concrete with vinyl fence posts.

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