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In Southern MD is Split Rail Fencing the Way to Go?


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While driving through Southern MD you have seen all the split rail fences complementing all the properties in St Marys, Charles and Calvert County.  So now you want to knows if this is the right kind of fence for you.  Well, it might be! There are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about buying split rail fence for your property.

Consider Your Pets

If you have pets Massey Fence offers black wire mesh, an economical solution to provide an outdoor boundary for your pets.   Split rail with wire in Southern MD is a good option if your pets are not jumpers or get distracted by anything happening outside of the fenced-in area. For these pets, a privacy fence may be the better option.

What Style of Home Do You Have

A split rail fence complements a ranch, a colonial, or another style that looks good with a more rustic option.  However, if your home is an old Victorian, or another particular architectural style, it is important that a new fence reflect this look as well.  In that case, a traditional wooden picket fence may be your choice, or something more stylish like an aluminum fence.

What Do Your Neighbors Have

If everyone in the neighborhood has a classic picket fence, consider whether it would be a positive or negative for your property to be different.  Consider the styles and materials of the surrounding properties, and think about how that will look with the style you are considering.

Split rail fencing is a classic, natural option for those who want something simple and effective. It’s a great fence for looks, for protecting your pets and property, or for establishing your property line. If you’re thinking about a fence, definitely think about split rail!

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